Aida Zabidi
Love is a tricky business. We are forever looking for perfection, looking for that person who could be 'The One' - the one person who is meant to complete you, heart and soul, forever looking for an ideal, with the notion that he or she must be out there waiting.

I am uncertain if love at first sight is a luxury that most people ever experience. Definitely chemistry at first sight perhaps, or first touch, but chemistry does not necessarily equate love. Love is something more subtle, and underlying feeling of warmth, of caring, of a hundred and one different emotional responses that seem to make the sun shine brighter, or the birdsong seems sweeter - indescribable really. Love at first sight seems to be as rare as hen's teeth, an idea that seems to be perpetuated by Hollywood movies and Disney alike. Call me a cynic or call me a realist.

If I were to be absolutely honest, I'm probably more of a romantic at heart. Sappy Hollywood movies do me in every single time. I'm a sucker for flowers and chocolates and love letter, but like love at first sight, the era of romancing has probably lost steam in the age of online courtships and instant gratification.

It seems that we no longer savour the art of slow courting, of the breathless anticipation with the arrival of the mail, of the coy dances between a man and a woman, of the veiled flirtations and stolen kisses.

We are always finding Mr. Right, but perhaps Mr Right is more likely to be Mr Right Now, a result of social conditioning and expectations, a notion that love and first sight does and should exist in its entirety.

I think that true love grows. It is something tended from scratch, from a spark of something into something more tangible, a living, breathing thing.

But who am I to speak of love? Logic after all, plays no part in matters of the heart.

That, I leave to your own hearts. And for all those believers out there, I too hope that you will experience the headiness of love.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    If love is not madness, it is not love.

  2. letting u know im linking ur blog =)

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