Aida Zabidi
Each Nutella jar is as big as my head. Seriously.

+39 Pizzeria (362 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000, Victoria, Australia) is yet another awesome Melbournian Italian place.

The cafe itself is delightful, with shelves lining the wall with their ingredients, but the place itself is slightly cramped - wait staff end up navigating their way through the area and if you're a larger sized person, it can be slightly annoying. When they're full house, service can be a bit hectic, but when we were there the waiters were absolutely lovely.

We ordered the aragosta, which was the lobster pizza, with black caviar and cherry tomatoes - was a lovely combination, with the cherry tomatoes adding a tinge of sweetness to the whole thing. The pizza crust was delicious, but a bit soggy.

The desserts were delicious - we had nutella filled calzoncino and the semi-freddo, a hazelnutty mousse-like concoction, which was amazing. 

It's been voted the Pizzeria of the Year 2010, and deservedly so - make your bookings if you're planning to have a night out there.

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