Aida Zabidi
Sardine sandwich
Hazelnut meringue with mascarpone
Hot chocolate

Seven Seeds (114 Berkeley St, Carlton, 3053, Victoria, Australia) has become a bit of a hub for those coffee-holics, who swear by their amazing blends - I do not drink coffee, so I fail to appreciate the many different types of beans and blends, although I do admit that the sheer choice would keep bringing back those who truly appreciate their coffee, and their staff are very knowledgeable in that department as well.

Yes, it may be famous for their coffee, but their dishes are equally mouthwatering - from the beautiful sardine sandwich with the harissa and pine nuts, to their orgasmic French toast with orange sauce and mascarpone. Fresh ingredients, typically Melbournite ambience and a great start to your morning! The menu tends to change according to the seasosn and by what ingredients are available.

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