Aida Zabidi
You are loved for who you are.

The mistakes you made included.

Please remember that mistakes are exactly that - mistakes, and the only problem is if you do not heed the lessons that were meant to be learnt.

Your nature is such that you will be unforgiving and self-critical. You will continue to berate yourself over and over and it is not an easy path to live. Self-flagellation, albeit the emotional kind, is still something deeply hurtful and will stop you from taking the path to healing.

It is strange that you should be able to see so much goodness in others but you fail to detect it in yourself.

You are as human as everyone else, and therefore by that definition, fragile.

Embrace that fragility, for it makes you human. Sometimes the most beautiful things are fragile - the dewy threads of a spiderweb, the crystal vase, the fresh blooms of a flower - it is the potential that the beauty is fleeting, potentially lost at any moment that makes it all more endearing and precious.

Just like you.
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  1. a.zul Says:

    simply love this entry aida.. ;)

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