Aida Zabidi

White chocolate pomegranate mocktail

Grilled octopus

Prawn dumpling


Make your bookings bright and early because Long Room (Georges Building, 162-168 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia) is always booked out - for good reason. 

The Long Room is a tapas restaurant/bar, with one side divided with a more Japanese feel, and the other part of the restaurant has a more contemporary setup. The place is elegant, and plays good music later at night, when it converts into a bar-style area.

A fantastic selection of tapas, divided into Asian (Japanese and Chinese) and Western. 

From their Asian delicacies (a selection of dumplings, perfectly steamed, fresh sashimi and sushi choices, among others) and choices like fried honey-dipped Camembert (delicious and decadent), their piri-piri chicken and their perfectly cooked lamb ribs, the choice is varied and more reasonably priced than someone would expect from an establishment of that calibre. Wine and cocktail list is varied, and they do fantastic mocktail versions - I asked the waiter to surprise me and he brought me a white chocolate/berry/passionfruit concoction - orgasmic!

My only gripe would be their lack of a dessert menu - four choices and none are particularly appealing or good. Otherwise, with their ambience, good service and fantastic menu choice, it's definitely not to be missed. 

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