Aida Zabidi
Love is a jealous mistress.

There is no rationale for it, for the flare of insecurity, the flames licking at your heart.

Jealousy is something that can only be described as ugly, an emotion that can turn the sweetest, most rational of people into absolute shrews, where every word that drips from one's lips turn into poison, where every gaze is seen through a red haze. 

Jealousy indeed is a green-eyed monster, which rears its head at the least expected of times.

It sees the unlikeliest of things.

The slightest touch, the tilted heads, the expression on faces, the exchanged smiles. It hears the words it wishes least to hear, and says the things it wishes least to say.

Beware the reared head of the monster, lest it consumes you too.

Love is a jealous mistress, so beware that double edged sword.

It is a warning perhaps, that has come too late.

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