Aida Zabidi

I thought I was unflappable. It usually takes a lot to shock me.

However, I found myself blown away a month ago when a stranger called me up to ask me out. It wasn’t the first time I’d been asked out by a stranger. It didn’t faze me at all that I barely knew this guy, considering my habit of talking to strangers.

What really fazed me was the fact that I’d met him the day before. With his wife and children.

I knew he was married.

He knew I knew he was married.

And he still had the cheek to ask me out.

I accepted at first, not realizing it was a date, not thinking his wife wouldn't be there, not until he said, “Oh, we’d better keep this quiet.”

I faltered on my side. “So your wife’s not coming?”

“Oh.. I don’t think so. She’s the jealous type.”

Of course she’s jealous idiot, if you’re the type of person to go off and hit on strange women!

I’ve had too many friends whose homes have been broken apart due to infidelity, and it is one of the things that I would never put someone consciously through. As he spoke to me the images of his sons flashed through my head, children so young they probably wouldn’t understand the pain their mother was being put through, and I had to choke back the wave of revulsion.

I couldn’t believe he had the cheek to call up a person and ask them out without any disregard for his wife or children.

Guys like that make me want to throw up.
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  1. erina_z Says:

    ish! how can he?
    As we grow up, there's more n more of these typical-malay-cerekarama-stories. One of my girlfriend just went through the same thing!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I was wondering myself what the answer was.

  3. Yvaine Says:

    throw up all u want. i'm single.

  4. yvaine Says:

    and this is not the way you, or anybody, to find out wheater i'm single or not. people send email.

  5. Alyaa Says:

    Eee. Gelinya :/

    Kesian wife dia. Oh, I see your birthday just passed. Happy belated birthday, aida.

  6. is it really surprising?

    you'd be surprised how guys really think

  7. as u get older, my friend, these things become more, how should i say, of a common occurance?

    masalah orang2 mcm ni yg jenis tanak solve their problems back home and seeking escapism.

  8. are you sure his motive was not selling insurance or MLM stuff?

  9. married man issue aside , take it as as compliment that you are still hot dear *wink*

  10. Whatever happened to the sanctity of marriage? It may be that I am prejudiced, but that man is down there in the lowest of the low in my list.

  11. Anonymous Says:
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