Aida Zabidi
The pages stare emptily back at me.



The empty, forgotten pages once filled with words that mattered to me.

It now lies silent, like so many blogs out there in the cyber world, websites once filled with the passionate words of others, but like so many others, forgotten once people go on with their daily lives. It has been oft too many a time I click on a link I once used to read, only to see the same entry I’d seen months ago.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to those who used to write, those nameless, faceless individuals who I knew, and yet didn’t.

I wonder if they have moved on with their lives.

Where they are now.

What they’re doing now.

It’s strange how you can feel so connected to strangers, to people you’ve never met, strange that .

Perhaps one day this blog too will lie forgotten. Unwritten.

But for the moment, I wonder – and thank those out there, for the many times I have been immersed in your words, for the many times I would escape through your lives. The voyeur in me thanks you, albeit, with a sense of wistfulness.
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  1. a blogyard of forgotten memories

  2. You know, I have that exact feeling staring back at my own blog, reeling in its state of half-abandonment.

    I thank you too, for allowing me to be a voyeur in your blog all these years, dear miss. :)

  3. for a moment there, i thought you were going to announce your leaving blogging; hmm.

    don't stop writing though

  4. Cliche du jour: "The only constant thing in life is change."

    I make no promises.

  5. diana Says:

    life takes over darls :)

    and we give in and let it take us over just cos we get too tired to care...

    -the (ex) witch-

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