Aida Zabidi
There’s a lot I have to talk about, but it seems so rare that I actually manage to write something about the things that truly matter.

It’s the things that touch me every day in my life; the thought of family and friends.

Being so far away from the city, travelling so much for university and this sense of being uprooted has brought unwanted changes, a slow distancing typical of all of us being caught up in our own lives; something that reminds me too painfully of the time when we will all start work, and inevitably lose the same relationship we held in our carefree days of pre-work.

I feel as if I barely kept in touch with the people who were once so important in my life; that sometimes it felt like I was reaching out to strangers to people who lived but a stone’s throw away.

It felt strange, that in times of need, I refrained from nearby friends, because I felt I had no right to infringe on their lives any longer due to my long absences, instead choosing to call those who lived an ocean away.

I suppose it’s a lesson learnt.

Time needs to be put in, and I only have myself to blame for the distance I feel.

To those who were once so essential in my life, I apologize – I’m not entirely sure what for. Like the rocks eroded by the sea, sometimes, the only that does happen is time, but for some reason, I feel like I should be apologizing, that I am somehow in the wrong.

For those who were there in those darkest hours of my life, I am truly humbled and amazed by the support you’ve given me; despite most of you being so physically far away.

To my sister, the strongest link I had to home, thank you; and I can’t believe it took us all these years to finally share with each other the details of our lives. This is the type of relationship I have always wanted, and I count myself lucky that I finally have had it.

Thank you for holding my hand throughout 2008.

I can only hope I’ll be able to do for you what you have done for me.

Now usher in 2009 – with a vengeance!
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  1. i've been away from home for 3 years.
    i think that's a bit much.
    i think i missed out alot on family-related stuff.

    makes me wonder what i find important.

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