Aida Zabidi
I cannot imagine how I ever lived without Internet.

It’s been two weeks since we’ve been cut off somewhat, if only because our new modem is taking a fair while to arrive.


Come on, postal service, step up.

It’s definitely done wonders for my relationship with Lee though, with neither of us stuck to our computers. It doesn’t help that both of us are equally addicted to the Internet.

That still doesn’t stop it from being bloody inconvenient.

I’m so used to going online to plan my travel route for the next day, to check my bank balance so I can gauge my spending, to check emails to see if there’s anything important that I need to respond to. I miss stalking Facebook and seeing what everyone else is doing, I’m frustrated that I cannot update my blogs. I miss Wiki-ing things that I don’t understand and using Google to find the information I need for my tutorials.


Bloody technology.

Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.
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  1. Kishie Says:

    i know the feeling. all too well. we should go to rehab for this.

  2. Wani Z. Says:

    so totally understand the feelings... because i'm experiencing the total cut-off from the net too (with our phone wiring damaged and the landowner doesn't seem to be wanting to pick up our phone calls).
    That's why I'm being selfish nowadays when I'm online :P

  3. amal Says:

    no internet?
    no no no.. certainly not in this 21st century.. ahaks

    come on. it's my only cheapest way of getting in touch with the ones i love. that is if.. i get in touch with them anymore. sigh.

    aida, coming back for summer hol?

  4. come on now.. you could've just called me. it would be just as awesome. heh

  5. the cold turkey feeling of internet deprivation is a phase. In a month or two, you'll be surprised how you don't need internet to keep in touch with friends, do research etc.

  6. alyaa Says:

    tell me about it. well said, aida.

  7. I actually feel sad when the internet connection goes shitty.But when the computer goes kaput, sampai demam you!Ha ha.

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