Miss Aida
Sometimes the system is frustrating.

Or rather, the people within the system, the wonderful system of the government that I call home. Sometimes I am frustated at the inadequacies, the lack of warmth, the egoistical power trips some of these individuals get from delaying service.

More often than most, I am frustrated at the mindset, the tendency to stick to the confines of the box; or actually, so far away from the borders of the box, even, that I wonder if one day they will finally stick out their toes and venture closer to unknown territory, where courtesy exists and thinking outside the box is applauded instead of condemned, and then perhaps.


We can finally spread our wings.
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  1. amal Says:

    Ah, welcome back to Malaysia babe! ;)

  2. well... welcome to malaysian bureaucracy. sempit sungguh minda mereka...

  3. i forgot to tell u that an inhaler is not enough for you to be in this box. seriously, this country need to put a reminder note or some sort of a warning sign for those coming into this country; - don't forget to bring along an oxygen mask.

  4. Ajjie Says:

    Sometimes, it's not as bad as we think it is. A lot has improved for a developing country as small as Msia. But there's always room for improvement...esp in the government sector.

    While constructive criticism is the way to go, it'd be helpful to be able to acknowledge the positive sides that many these days, tend to overlook.

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  6. Bureaucrats in Malaysia are not paid to smile or engage in polite small talk.

  7. If you think being on the outside looking in is bad, it's worse on the inside, or so I've heard. It depends on the severity of the power trips and backstabbings.

    I am thankful that I am not affiliated in any way to the local civil service.

  8. afiq Says:

    it'a not easy, issit?

    Our country is a relatively young country, so there are rooms for improvements.

    Not everyone have the priviledge to broaden their mindset.Not everyone.

    The people who does though, well they have to first enlighten the rest by not spreading their wings, glaring everyone with their western ideas but to develop a solution to accomodate the locals with new foreign ideas to make our own, to innovate and soon, to create.

  9. it sounds oh so familiar

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