Miss Aida
According to my schedule next semester, I will not have a social life.

It’s looking like a sixty week semester, and that’s not even inclusive of the extra time I’d have to put in to study.


It’s times like these when I really begin to understand about the sacrifices one has to make in order to live the dream. The hours, the time put in, and the next five semesters are but a preview of what’s to come.

I have renewed respect for doctors.
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  1. amal Says:

    hehe.. no more party-ing eh? LOL

  2. i tend to reallllyy reallyyy appreciate the services i get from the doctors i see ever since i became a uni student... like, everytime the doctor works out what's wrong with me n so forth, i'd be thinkin like "gawd is he/she strugglin to do this or what? is he/she tryin hard to remember all those things he studied in uni n all those shit he went thru like what my medic roomate is goin thru right now or what?"

    sumpah i respect all medic students n the doctors in the world! GO AIDA! hehehhe =D

  3. anas Says:

    take all the time you need, biar lambat, asalkan ilmu betul2 melekat di akal. good luck stranger :)

  4. my sister hardly comes home during the weekends anymore :(

    good luck to you anyhow. eventually it'll all be worthwhile. insyaAllah.

  5. Nothing comes easy these days. You know we're all here for you kan.

    Me with the rest, go Aida! :)

  6. Iyra Says:

    all the best makcik. just don't forget to come home! road trip's still on, yes?

  7. all the best. enjoy your stint!

  8. sounds like u gonna have 'fun' next sem :-)

  9. Iz Says:

    yes i finished it at last....:)

  10. Huhu. Can't imagine a 60-hour week for you. I mean, you always manage to look like you don't have anything to do. LOL..but I'm sure it's all worth it in the end. InsyaAllah..

  11. Anonymous Says:

    but clinical is soooo much fun!! except for being scolded by the doctor part...hehe

    am kinda looking forward to mine actually.

    gud luck! lets review clinical examinations together when am in the city.

  12. meex Says:

    Not sure what it means by all the it will be worthwhile in the end....the pay..? be a spcialist my gynae friend told me he make 50,000 per month...lol..yes

    if money is what you want then it will all be worth with..

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