Miss Aida
Here you go.

Take my heart and do what you will with it.

Throw it against the wall, crush it through your fingers, run it to a blender.
And the only thing I will do is bite back the silent tears until I am utterly alone, and only then will I allow myself to shed those wretched tears.

Hearts apart. The same, and yet not.

The years have worked their magic, and at the same time, their savagery. We are more closely entwined than we ever were and yet we are much more easily thrown apart. Like two ticking time bombs in the same space.

Grown apart.

And then there's you.

The one I have always been ever so slightly neutral with. Where time brought me and the second close, it kept the gap open between us. But I still love you, in my own way.

The maturity of your words stun me on occasion, for those are not the words for one so young, and I wonder who you have become, and regret that I was not there to know you as you went through those years.

Take my heart.

Do with it what you will.

I cannot stop you.
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