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Green-fucking-Day was awesome!

It was an amazing lineup. My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World and Green Day. Almost like seeing three concerts for the price of one. We bought tickets two months before the actual concert, and it was two months of anticipation before the day finally arrived.

The crowd had lined up since 9 in the morning, despite the concert starting at 6. By the time we rocked up in the afternoon, the line was in the hundreds, to my amazement. Or perhaps, I shouldn't have been that surprised. It was Green Day, after all.

My Chemical Romance and Jimmy Eat World played well, but it was Green Day that the crowd was waiting for, and it was Green Day that the crowd roared for in anticipation. They played to a crowd nearing the tens of thousands. I was near the front of general admission, and the crowd stretched beyond my sight.

Mosh pits are always horrible, and I've been in my share. Battered, bruised and pressured from all sides, barely able to move against the crowd of sweaty bodies, especially when the moshing started. There's nothing like a mosh pit to make you appreciate personal space.

Then Green Day came onstage and it was worth every second. They are true entertainers. Not just musicians. Musicians are for CDs and the radio. They had the crowd eating out of their hand, screaming their name; oh how they played that crowd so well, and we loved every second of it.

Some bands are different live. Green Day is not one of them. They sounded so incredibly identical to their records; I could almost swear they were miming. Billy Joel's vocals are amazing, and their showmanship was unbeatable. True rock and roll, all the way.

They were crowd pleasers. They were political. They teased and they coaxed the crowd into feeling like they truly appreciated us being there and they interacted and they played like there was no tomorrow.

Words fail to describe how fucking awesome they were.

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