Miss Aida
In the middle of an intense anatomy session, Hugh announces that he's going to quiz me on my knowledge, as he picks up his pen and starts maniacally scribbling on a piece of paper while James and I look on in bemusement. When he hands it to me, I take one look and crack up.

Gotta love studying with friends. *cue for massive eye rolling*

We take amusement from the most juvenile of things during these times of stress. Here's to the week where James and I practically live in the library, turning up at the same spot every single day to the same faces. Here's to the week where I frantically cram the names of a hundred and one leukotrines and other chemical mediators. Here's to the week of continual snacking on chocolate and jelly worms, to the week where I convince James to take his shirt off so I can study muscles, to the week where I attempt to relearn an entire semester in 7 days.
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