Miss Aida
So there I was, talking on the phone, getting way animated with the conversation I was having with Adlina, pacing up and down the halls the way I usually do when I'm excited. I'm a person who talks with my hands. More than words. I get excited about things, and I was really into that whole conversation we were having; getting into my spiel and both of us feeding of each other's enthusiasm.

So anyway, I waltz into the fire exit and sit down on the stairs while I update her with the recent happenings of my life, and about ten minutes into the conversation, the lights switch off, and I am plunged into total darkness.

Total darkness, barefoot and in my PJs, in an unexplored part of the apartment of which I haven't the slightest idea to where it would lead to, with nothing but a cordless telephone.

Fine. Darkness is doable. Darkness is even my friend at times. No reason to panic, especially since I figured it wasn't a blackout, that it was actually that timer for the lights had turned off. I could see light from the hallway underneath the crack between the door and the floor. Perfect. No reason to panic at all.

So I reach out blindly for the door handle and turn it, joking to Adlina on the phone that was so typical of what I would do, when I realise the door handle's not turning. That it's somehow managed to lock. No matter how much I try to turn it, the messages aren't quite going to my brain. I can hear little alarm bells ringing in my head, while the realisation of what I've just done slowly starts to hit me.

Fuck. Of all the things to do, I have miraculously locked myself in the fire escape of my own apartment! I can see my sister shaking her head and laughing. So me.

No, I did not panic. No, I did not get rescued by some hunky fireman. The phone was my ray of hope. Until I realised I didn't have any of my housemate's numbers memorized. Damnit. So I rang my mobile. Repeatedly until someone picked up and I wailed into the phone that I was stuck in the fire escape and would someone please come let me out?

What a way to start the week.
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