Miss Aida
It's always easier seeing situations when you're removed from them. Not involved. Not when your head's not entirely all there, when your heart and body seem to be responding a whole lot more than they should, and when heart and head seem to be at loggerheads with each other's wants and needs.

Torn apart.

One wanting to throw caution to the winds, to take advantage of the situation, to indulge in its inner desires despite the risks involved, despite the probability of becoming bruised and broken, but it doesn't care for risks, the heart strives to fly, to soar and reach those limits, and should it die, it will do so in all its blazing glory, knowing it has given all it has to give.

The other is cold logic, weights that control those baser impulses, like shackles that stop them from taking that potentially deadly plunge, but it is right to do so, for without it those flights of fancy would cause the individual those extreme highs and lows, like a slave to their whims and desires. The mind keeps it grounded in reality, knowing that it is right to do so.

Then again, sometimes there's always a situation when the mind is right to exert all its cold, hard reason, and yet, you wish so much to follow the heart's lead, and throw yourself into the situation headfirst, unrestrained, and all logic be damned. When love enters the equation. And knowing logic is deserved in those circumstances, you reluctantly follow it.

And then the backlash of the decision implodes, and you feel like you're dying inside, despite knowing you've made the proper ethical decision, but it cuts like a thousand shards of glass, and the pain seems deserved.

And then the tears fall.
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