Miss Aida
Well. It's been busy. Sam's visiting from Canberra and that's just another excuse for me to add to my endless social rounds. I swear, at times it's just another excuse for me to go out again and again and again, but I don't mind. I'm only young once and while I still have my seeming inexhaustible energy to do the rounds, I might as well make the most of it. There will be a day where I will be too lazy to flit from one place to another, to walk the streets, to be able to pander to last minute invitations from friends to hang out... but that day is not today.

One of the best parts about having a foreigner over is the opportunity to re-discover your own country. Doing the tourist routes, visiting places like museums and teh bird park, and the city streets that are so often spoken of but rarely ever stepped into; experiencing my own country through the eyes of the unfamiliar. Unfamiliar, yet with a reassuring sense of familiarity. Belonging. Even the busy streets of the city, despite my never really walking down them before, seemed like home.

Nik and I are trying to squeeze in all the travelling we can do in the next couple of weeks. I swear I'll have covered more of Malaysia in the next two weeks than I ever have during my 20 odd years living here. The advantages of growing up and realising that hey, it's finally doable to get up and go. No longer is travelling one of those things you need your parents to plan, and you to tag along. It's our hey-day now.

Unfortunately, doing the social rounds drains the wallet like nothing else. I'm broke with nothing to show for it except several photos and many, many good memories. Then again, at this point in my life, memories and those good times with my friends seem more important than any material posession I could own. Cheers to that.
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