Miss Aida
So much for goodbye party girl. I'm running on Coke and about 4 hours of sleep after partying last night. 7 hours on the dancefloor. That's not a bad effort and I've got the blisters to prove it. Sometimes I just need to let loose, and it felt good doing that. Giving in to my wilder inhibitions. I'm glad I accepted Hugh's invite. It was the usual crowd: Liz, Tammy, Ellie, Jeen, Onagh and James, who turned up a bit later. I'm especially glad I was around for the later portion of the night, when people were getting absolutely shitfaced.

One of us got sexually harrassed. I count myself fortunate on my non-drinking status; I was sober enough to be careful and had the mental capability to tell off some sleazy guys. I had to control the urge to smash my fist into their faces. And we were having such a good time too. Perhaps Tammy and Jeen were attracting a bit too much attention, with their lesbian routine. Perhaps Onagh's pseudo pole-dancing antics were a bit above the ordinary. That, however, did not give the perogative to allow any guy to simply place their hands on any of our asses, or any other part of our bodies, for that matter. Being drunk isn't an excuse. I resent that, because we were just a group of people out for a good time, and having to ward off the attentions of random strangers despite the fact that we weren't even asking for it was not part of the game plan.

I had no idea how shitfaced they would get though. James had to give Hugh a piggyback halfway down the street, considering how he could barely walk straight. And at one point Onagh just refused to walk any further. There were too many of us to take a cab. In the end, James, Ellie and I ended up walking back to Ormond, and I left Jeen to hail a cab for the rest of them, who were much too drunk and tired to walk.

James is a real sweetheart though. He really didn't have to walk us home, but he did. I'm in serious danger of getting my heart involved. It might've been the late hours of the morning and the conversation. It might have been his gentleness with my aching feet. It might have been the neck and back massage. (God, that boy has talented hands!) It might've been the primal act of cuddling up to him for warmth as we walked back without our jackets. It might have been the way he insisted on walking all the way up to my room and making sure that everyone else had gotten back safely. We've only met up so many times, but everytime we do, we get along really well. And it doesn't help that he's such a good looking guy. He's always complaining about pop music and how he never can dance to it, but when we're out, he always gets into it. I suppose it comes from being a DJ. When he smiles that slightly crooked smile as we're dancing, I can't help wanting to laugh. Laugh with him.

Damn. I think it might be a bit late to worry about getting my heart involved.

I'm glad that everyone's back though. Seeing everyone at the commencement dinner seemed unreal, as if we were just picking up from where we left last semester and we had never really had a break at all. This semester's going to be so much better though. Pudtz is finally here! Likewise, it was surreal having her here. We've talked about it so long that it seems almost normal that she's suddenly appeared and was hanging out with us like old times. We had commencement dinner, so I was out of commission that Saturday night but we played cards, and hung out, and talked all night. Even when the lights were out and the two of us were cuddled up in bed, we were still talking. I miss those late night girl talks, when both of us are just nodding off to sleep and we're still talking about anything and everything. She used to complain that I would pull the covers whenever we shared a bed. I wonder if I still do that. Hmm.

I smell of smoke. Ick. I'm going to take a bath. And my feet hurt. A foot massage at this moment, I imagine, would be orgasmic.

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