Miss Aida
I am really good at procrastinating, even if I do say so myself. The exams are in two weeks and I've got about 12 weeks worth of lectures to catch up on. Not plus the anatomy stuff I should cover. Instead, I feel this strange sort of calm settling over me, almost as if I knew my stuff. Which isn't quite possible considering how I've almost forgotten everything. Sure I know my clinical stuff... but they don't test that in exams. Instead of studyig I've had a bit of a movie marathon this week.

What I did instead:

Monday : Watched Kill Bill
Wednesday : Watched Troy
Friday : Watched Kill Bill 2
Conclusion : Lucky Jennifer Aniston

Watching Troy with Josh, who's gay, is a bit of a new experience. Both of us drooling over the same guy. There's something quite novel about both of us discussing Brad Pitt's... uh... physical aspects.

Heh. Okay, on a total anatomical perspective, Brad Pitt is one of the most incredibly well-defined guys. Well-defined without going OTT. I'm just trying to excuse myself for drooling over the muscle definition, but after studying 2 weeks of muscles, I can damn well appreciate a good anatomical specimen. Great pecs, deltoids, gluts, quads... :D Ah. The human body at it's finest is definitely eye candy.

WARNING : Following content may cause slight discomfort to some people.

Maybe it's partly the anatomy. Maybe it's my artistic side coming out. Maybe it's a bit of experimentation and curiousity. Whatever it is, at the moment, I am so totally into the female form. There's just something so intrinsically beautiful about a woman's body that has captured my interest this past couple of weeks.

There is probably nothing more beautiful than the naked female form. Females are all gentle curves and swells, with a hint of softness underneath it all. The smooth shape of the shoulders. Smooth limbs. The swell of the breasts. The soft curves of the stomach and the hips. The lips. The shape of their eyes and their face. There's just so much sensuality in the female form. Something that beckons an individual to explore the hidden beauty and appreciate it. To taste the smooth flesh with your fingers, the softness of the skin, the hidden perfume of a woman. It's not always a sexual experience. Sometimes it's just the need for physical contact. A flashback to a maternal figure, during the innocence of childhood.

While once upon a time beauty would be judged by the magazine covers of the world, with the introduction of the Internet and network websites such as Friendster and MySpace (among others), the Internet has revealed the masses of normal everyday women out there.. who are all beautiful in their own way. I'd rather be a woman than a man, if only because the female form in itself is so innately interesting.

I love the artistic photographs of the everyday female. There's so much that the camera can capture. The photograph below is one of my favourite photographs. The woman in the photo is in the bloom of youth. There's something innocent, yet sexual at the same time. The connotations of sexuality are there. Something inviting in the eyes. A subtlety about the pose without being overtly sexual. The parting of the lips. The photograph conveys so much and yet so little at the same time.

That's the female form for you; intrinsically beautiful in all it's subtleties. I'm very much heterosexual, and even I feel the stirrings of temptation. I can definitely see why kingdoms have risen and fallen, wars have been waged, and men make such fools of themselves... all for a woman.
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