Miss Aida
To my younger sister, who's now finally 18! Happy birthday, Khairun! Darling, 18 is so young! Enjoy it while it lasts! (This coming from a very new, cynical twenty year old, heh)...

The only part of my birthday that I didn't enjoy was the fact that I didn't get to celebrate it with all the people I care most about. Nik was off at some camp with the rest of my Malaysian friends, my Australian friends were all in different states, back home, and my best friends... were back in Malaysia.

I got choked up when my best friends and sister called from Malaysia to sing me my birthday song, and random e-mails /online birthday greetings/SMSes/phone calls from various people I partly expected and partly didn't made celebrating alone seem a lot less difficult.

As it would turn out with me being so bored... I went out and got a hair trim. With a shaggy fringe. What the hell was I thinking?! I suppose it looks alright... It's just that the upkeep it going to kill me, especially with the constant need to blowdry it correctly. Ack.

Happy birthday to me!
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