Aida Zabidi
I used to be very bad tempered. Kaki gaduh. 

Every once in awhile this flares up, the familiar wrath, and the knee jerk reaction to return anger with even more anger. 

The thing is, anger takes you nowhere. 

Somewhere along the line I learnt that it wasn't worth it, that some things can never be taken back in those heated moments. Bridges can burn, relationships can break over words carelessly thrown out in a fit of fury, and once broken, can never be the same again. 

You will never know if things can be mended. I'm not saying it's easy. Sometimes it's easier to give in to the urge to punch someone than to actually mediate. Sometimes it feels like it might be more satisfying to slam someone's head against the wall then putting in the time to deescalate. 

It takes a lot of self control to reign anger in, especially when you're no longer thinking straight. 

Your reaction to your anger is a reflection of yourself, of who you are. 

And some things can never be taken back.
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